Dig to Dive


The process begins with a a site visit in which our representative determines your goals for the project and produces a proposal outlining the items included and a price for each.


The contract outlines the items included, terms, and other specifications, including our warranty.

Engineered Drawings

Omega works with an engineering firm to produce drawings as required by your local building deparment.


Omega will submit the drawings, site plan, and application to the proper building department to procure the building permit.


Now the real work begins. Our crew will place forms outlining the perimeter of the pool. The excavation takes place within these forms as shown.


PVC plumbing is placed as required and routed to the pool equipment area.


Steel rebar is placed as per code as reinforcing within the gunite structure.


Gunite is applied under high pressure over the steel and plumbing. Taken together, this forms the stucture of the swimming pool.

Pool Cover Housing

The housing for your automatic cover is of the same materials as the pool (wood housing are not used)

Tile and Coping

Typically 6" of glazed frost free tile is placed at the waterline, in front of the cover housing and as trim on the stairs and bench. Coping, either precast or formed and poured is placed on the pool bod beam (wall) Different colors and profiles of coping are available. Many different tile choices are available.


At the equipment area you find the pump, filter, heater & other equipment to clean and sanitize your pool water.


The excitment builds as our plaster crew arrives and applies the interior coating, then the pool begins to fill.

Start Up

After the pool is filled our personnel "start up" the pool and instruct you in its operation.


Dive in--the anticipation is over and the fun begins!!